Mike Leichner’s ministry spans multiple areas over many years. It began with him traveling with and playing lead guitar and steel guitar for his family the Singing Ledbetters. Following a three year military commitment he began traveling in Evangelistic ministry which included singing with his wife and brothers, The Leichner Brothers & Dee. This encompassed nine years of full-time travel and evangelism; statewide camp-meetings and revivals; music ministry with 12 recordings and many original songs; author of the book ‘Most Holy Faith’ and most recently with the release of two Country Gospel recordings, ‘Country Side of Me,’ and ‘Cross Country.’ His latest project is a Patriot recording ‘American Made.’ These have resulted in him being named ‘2017 Gold Cross Male Vocalist of the Year,’ with several songs in the charts all the way to #1.

In 1988 he became the founding Pastor of the Ark Church, a multicultural, Full-Gospel church in the heartland of the nation that rests under the banner of ‘Fire in the Plains’. Mike has ministered on the 700 Club, TBN Praise The Lord, cable television, multi-state radio stations and hosted the daily radio broadcasts ‘Shine On Time’ and ‘Fresh Fire’. He is a United States Marine with a love for his Country and a heart for God. His mission is to promote Jesus and the Good News of the Gospel. This is reflected in his message and music with a progressive country-gospel style.